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Governance and Regulation

Our team are highly skilled and experienced in supporting organisations to achieve high levels of governance effectiveness and compliance with chosen codes of governance and regulatory standards.

We can be engaged to be a ‘critical friend’ or provide more general advice and guidance. Our range of governance related support includes:

  • Undertaking full governance reviews
  • Preparation for In-depth Assessment (IDA) and the transition into regulatory inspection
  • Evaluation of governance structures and effectiveness
  • Board appraisal, training and development
  • Board skills/competency assessments
  • Support to recruit new Board members

We have knowledge and experience to assist organisations in ensuring they are able to comply with regulatory standards including the Regulator of Social Housing in England, Scottish Housing Regulator, Welsh Government Social Housing Regulator, Regulatory Authority for Housing Associations in Northern Ireland and the Care Quality Commission.

Our range of regulatory support includes:

  • Advice and support to improve regulatory gradings
  • Developing improvement action plans
  • Navigating regulatory frameworks and understanding regulatory expectations
  • Preparation for regulatory engagement e.g. preparing for In-Depth Assessment
  • Support as part of reactive engagement or post In-Depth Assessment reviews
  • Registering as a new provider with the Regulator of Social Housing
  • Preparation for changing regulation e.g. change in English consumer regulatory standards
  • Review and validation of regulatory returns
  • Reviewing and advising on Asset and Liability Registers
  • Regulatory ‘health’ checks/assessments’ which can include specific audits against regulatory standards e.g. Regulator of Social Housing’s Rent Standard and Consumer Standards

Whatever your governance or regulatory support requirements are, DTP has a solution to support you that can be tailored to your needs.


Governance reviews and general support

Board/Committee member appraisal, remuneration and recruitment

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory ‘health’ checks/assessments

Preparation for In-depth Assessment (IDA) and the transition into regulatory inspection


For further information around our range of advice and guidance in this area, please contact:

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