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Regulatory Compliance and Improvement

DTP work with providers seeking to improve their regulatory gradings, including where voluntary undertakings have been made and where the regulator is actively involved as part of regulatory engagement and enforcement.

Our work in this area can include:

  • Reviewing and revising governance structures
  • Evaluation of governance effectiveness
  • Support to implement any required changes in governance
  • Recruitment of new Board members
  • Strategic leadership through interim placements
  • Reviewing corporate plans/strategies and business plans
  • Developing and implementing revised risk management and control frameworks
  • Training and development for Boards, Executive and wider staff teams

Whatever your regulatory support and improvement requirements are, DTP has a solution to support you that can be tailored to your needs.


Critical friend following regulatory engagement

Advice and support to improve regulatory gradings

Advice and support in developing action plans

Evaluation of governance structures and effectiveness

Provision of strategic leadership

Support to recruit new Board members


For further information around our range of advice and guidance in this area, please contact:

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